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  • I'm about to come back

    It's been so long I kept this blog alone so quiet, and haven't touched it. Just a quick to say I'll be back soon with regular posts on ASP.net 4 and Siverlight 4 series.

  • Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2 Released

    Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2, the latest version of its popular Web 2.0 application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates rich interactive data entry and reporting applications for .NET. The new code tabs feature in Iron Speed Designer dramatically simplifies code customization. This along with enhanced application security and support for .NET Master pages helps IT departments generate robust, productivity-enhancing applications out-of-the-box.

  • Linqer is good for LINQ

    Hi, in this post is just a quick view of the new great tool, but had been a while somebody may not know about it.
    I won't write much details about it, just show you some screenshots and let you try it yourself.
    Since this topic is for anyone who have some experience with LINQ and want to make it more easier and simpler.
    You already know about Linqpad, but here I recommend you try this small but robust and modern tool to help you finish
    your work quickly and efficiently. It's Linqer. It supports both C# and VB with multiple windows opening for conversions.

  • Iron Speed Designer 6.1

    Not last long ago I wrote about the Iron speed Designer, the Web 2.0 Generator. No need to sit and manually create 1000 pages 1 by one and writing code lines by lines.
    What you need is to create the database and its tables and then just let Iron Speed do the rest for you.
    Today Iron Speed show you its new release, version 6.1 with more cool features.
    The most cool thing is you don't need to have any prior knowledge of .NET to use it, and soon you'll be familar with .NET with Iron Environment.
    Here below are some key features of this new release:

    • New team development features
    • New generated application features
    • Enhanced page layout editor
    You may learn more and have a try here

  • Animations Made Easy with Quicker for Silverlight

    As a developer, rapid working is the most require. Learning new technologies also can't miss.
    Silverlight and WPF are the great staffs ready for business application for both web and win. These great staff come with brand new idea of De{sign/velop}er, so learning and working on these technologies are really cool. There're several tools available for dev, rank from small to large footprint such as XamlPadx, Kaxaml, Eclipse, Expression Blend, Visual Studio 2008. But wait, you miss one, since Silverlight 2 just released my eyes keep tracking on the several tools for building Silverlight App, Thank SourceTech, Sothink Quicker for Silverlight deployed to help us on building Animation Staff.
    Let's see why I recommend you try this staff. Sothink Quicker for Silverlight not just only for building Silverlight App, but It also for WPF.

    It supports for Silverlight 2, but sorry guy this staff is mostly for Animation, So it'll generate Silverlight 1.0 project for you. Yes, Silverlight 1.0 Project (XAML and JavaScript ), so Markup depends on XAML and Action is JavaScript.
    Even it's Silverlight 1.0 project, but this staff give you the most you need such as Drawing, Multimedia, Animation, Color and fill, Export and Import.,etc.
    You can work with its toolbox, providing you the great tool such as Shape, Pen, Ink, Text...