Deep Zoom Composer Starter

Dee Zoom Composer is the most powerful application that can create the rich silverlight 2.0 content with best zoom quality.

for more details about Deep Zoom Composer just Click Here.

You need to download and install the latest version of deep zoom composer, at the time of writing this I use June Preview Version0.9.000.3

You can get it here Deep Zoom Composer.

Get sample project here


Ok! Now let get start...

 Now let start Deep Zoom Composer Windows by go to Start menu and Deep Zoom Composer.

And the Deep Zoom Workspace will look like below.

Go to File and click on NewProject or ( Ctrl + N)

The dialog box below will appear. On the Name Enter your Project’s Name and the Location Choose the place where you want to save your workfile. And then Click on OK

So you’ll see a blank black space appear, now click on the Add Image Button on the top right to add images to your project.

Select your images and then click on Open.

So now you see the right side contain the images you selected, but what you have to do next is to click on the top Tab's name Compose.

Now you are in the Compose mode. So Drag your images from the Right side in to your workspace and resize it as you want.

When you feel like you design so move to the Export Tab and do the setting as below:

Name Enter your Export Project Name this can be different from your project name, because this will create a new project that you can edit in Visual Studio or use it as a live project.

Export Location for where you will save your exported Project

Image Type you can choose any you like and Image Format you choose PNG or JPEG.

Output Type there are 2 different choices for you.

 - Export images ,it will create only the image files for you.

 - Export Images and Silverlight Project, this will creat the Project that you can view in the browser and edit it in Visual Studio later.

So Select the 2nd Choice.

And click on the Export button and the Successfully Exported Windows will appear as below.

Click View in Browser to see your Result.

See the Live Demo Here


In the next post I'll Show you how to Target this project in to ASP.NET Webpage.


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