Silverlight 2 is now in not Beta

Congratulation to everyone who are developing Silverlight Application by using Silverlight 2 Beta 2, now please upgrade to the latest one.

Silverlight 2 is now not in Beta Mode anymore.

Now the Release Candidate just released.

Also the Expression Blend 2 SP1 that just gave out the Pre-Release note 2 days ago is now released too.

 The following links are waiting for you to click:

-Microsoft® Silverlight™ Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (RC0) : Download it here

-Silverlight 2 RC0 Developer Runtime : Download it here

-Expression Blend2 SP1 : Download it Here


For more details about this release, please read the following :




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  • Attended your session at DDD7 today eckord!Was really impressed with the aspect on graceful degradation of Javascript can't wait to see the full code sample.You are now offcially one of my preferred speakers. Good stuff!P.S. I'm on the notifications list for your MVC book.

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