XAMLPADX 4.0 Released

Hi! I think that's a little bit late to announce that the latest of XAMLPAD is Now Released.

XAMLPAD 4.0 is the essential tool for writing your xaml code.

With this new release, will make you more smooth work and faster.

Whats new.

  • The UI has been revamped to give the Blend sorta look.
  • Menus have been rearranged to maximize the space.
  • New addins: Clipboard viewer - which works well for analyzing rtf/xaml ... Path Designer/Jasema (thanks to Marlon)
  • Snapshot utility to take snapshots and save the xaml rendering
  • Syntax highlighting and collapsing (thanks to the editor control from SharpDevelop project)
  • Error logs - left bottom corner has a link to the stack trace when there is an error
  • Error light - editor has a red/green box at the bottom right corner
  • Bug fixes/code restructuring

 XamlPadX ScreenShot

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