Cool new tool from Hybridx: SQL Spy

Features List:
  • Monitor your SQL Server in real-time.
  • Graphically display Locks, CPU, Memory, and I/O action in a moving line graph.
  • Watch who is coming and going, minutes connected, CPU, memory and locking usage per connection.
  • Monitor SQL statements that are being sent to your SQL Server.
  • Record SQL statements that are coming through the procedure cache. (SQL Server 2000 sp3 only)
  • See when a transaction is blocked and by whom.
  • View what's being cached, as well as cache statistics.
  • Kill connections to your SQL Server and keep them out. Send the Kill command on a delayed timer to keep unwanted users from connecting to your SQL Server.
  • Generate HTML reports of graphs, Save External Connections and Locking to either .XLS, HTML or .CSV file
  • Plus a lot more...For Free!





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