Our feedback is crucial

Tags: .NET

I see a lot of us have starting playing with the Beta 2 bits. But one thing is crucial, we have to give our feedback to Microsoft on what should be improved or fixed.

I almost myself yesterday forgot this rule, and I just give my modest contribution to the Product Feedback Center.

My comment join the ranks of developers who wants back some of the VS 2003 features like the possibility to Exclude some files from a project.

But check by yourself the Feedback Center, the list of suggestions and bugs is quite impressive.

What I like is the sense of 'we are listening' when each team involved in the tools give themselves their answer with no barriers.

Great job. Another thing I would like to see some improvements in the final version is the Conversion tool. Yes it works but the number of errors reported are quite astronomical. Some seems to be very futile like adding a ToString behind each of my dataset fields. Still don't know why this is a compile error and not just a warning.

Maybe I missed some setup in the tool before converting my project ?


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