Fight the spammers in your blog

Now if you think Captcha is the ultimate solution to block any spammers in your blogs, forget it. You have solved only half of the problem.

A good friend Brian Delahunty (who has also started a very dynamic user group INDA SouthEast in Ireland) spent some of his precious time on developing a solution which work well against the spams coming from the trackback.

I already installed the Trackback spam blocker for .Text in blogs and so far not a single spam in my comments.

Also if you are a member of INDA and you use a blog under let me know if you need more keywords to be added to the filter. See below but at the moment I am using the same pattern than Brian recommend.

From Brian latest post:

Well, my Trackback Spam Blocker for .Text[^] seems to be working perfectly at the moment. I've just got 23 emails from the spam blocker detailing what it has blocked based on the following two SpamRegex's:

<SpamRegex pattern="texas hold[ ]?em" matchType="Title" />
<SpamRegex pattern="(poker|casino|blackjack|roulette).*?game" matchType="Title"

So far nothing unwanted has gotten through. I've also made a small change to the emails that are sent to notify you of the fact that it has blocked spam; the IP address of the source of the spam is now included in the emails.


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