Encrypts .NET applications and DLLs.
CodeVeil adds native code to assemblies to decrypt the assembly just before the .NET runtime needs access to the data.

Features include:
- Full MSIL encryption: your MSIL is encrypted and cannot be read with readers like ILDASM or Reflector.
- Resource and string encryption: strings embedded in your code, and resources like images and form text can now be encrypted.
- Blob encryption: selectively encrypt data stored in the blob heap. This data includes parameters for attributes, default values for fields, and method signature information.
- Encrypt both EXEs and DLLs.
- Obfuscation: obfuscate the names of public classes, methods, properties and fields.
- Anti-debugging, anti-tracing.
- Modification resistence: CodeVeil creates dependencies on the unmodified source so that a user cannot modify your assembly without making it completely unusable.


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