, Prototype and Asp.Net: Best Friends Forever


By Chad Finsterwald: 

As of late JavaScript has experienced a resurrection. It was not too long ago that a web developer building B2B applications could get by with just a passing knowledge of JavaScript, but technologies like Ajax and mania over Web 2.0 applications has meant that a passing knowledge just won't cut it anymore. So about a year ago when I started brushing up my JavaScript skills I was reminded of something: How much I HATE JavaScript. The cross browser issues, the syntax, the horrid coding environment, programming in JavaScript is hellish. I HATE everything about it. So it was to my eternal gratitude and immediate salvation when the radiant light of and Prototype broke upon me. Like Paul, the road to Damascus behind him, I hope to share my elightenment with you.

This article will cover the following:

  • An introduction to and Prototype
  • How to use and Prototype with Asp.Net
  • Resouces to learn more about them and other JavaScript frameworks


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