ASP.NET ViewState Helper


ASP.NET ViewState Helper is an application designed to help all web developers, but has specific features to aid ASP.NET developers track ViewState issues. In real-time you can see your web pages being analyzed while you browse to them using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. As you can see in this Screen Shot, ASP.NET ViewState Helper gives you very detailed information to help you optimize your web application’s performance. You can see page information like:

  • Page’s total size: This is the total size of the web page shown in the URL column
  • ViewState size: This is the size of the ViewState field
  • ViewState %: What percent of the total page size is being taken up by the ViewState?
  • Markup size: The size of html markup (non-visible text) on the page
  • Markup %: What percent of the page consists of non-visible HTML markup?

Double-clicking on any URL in the list will bring up the ViewState decoder window. If the page you double-clicked on contains a ViewState, it will be decoded into plain text, and also broken down into a tree-view for easy analysis.

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