Is Linq for SQL truly dead?

It's really a sad situation when you invest your time and money in new technologies and to see it abandoned or deprecated by their creators.

I am usually cautious in adopting new stuff from Redmond too quickly and wait the version 2 like I did with Silverlight. Regarding Linq, recently I started to implement it in some of my projects, mostly for simple queries.

Now a new debate is going on following this comment by the Entity Framework team.

"We’re making significant investments in the Entity Framework such that as of .NET 4.0 the Entity Framework will be our recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios. We are listening to customers regarding LINQ to SQL and will continue to evolve the product based on feedback we receive from the community as well."

This is from Tim Mallalieu, Program Manager of both LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework

Literally it seems clear that Linq for SQL is a dead product, and we should move on to EF. Now can we expect some clarification from Microsoft.

Try searching for "Linq for SQL is dead" on Google and you will see the debate Tim remark has created!

Entity Framework offers multi database support, Linq is obviously only for SQL. But L2S is a very simple thing to implement, in my opinion EF is overkilling. 

Are we right to adopt early tools as soon as Microsoft release them? Can't we have a better road map from Microsoft? Maybe a better PR handling?

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