It's true Google is absolute pure evil...

We are doomed and totally controlled by Google...    

If you are still thinking Google is not evil, think twice and read this before your conclusion.

I am now an unofficial employee of Google corporation, doing their job late at night and I am not even pay for that.

Let me explain...

Most of my websites are database driven and unfortunately two days ago one user via the CMS tool managed to get the database corrupted with some nasty scripts.

This kind of thing sadly happens in real world so I am not going to elaborate too much on the time I spent to remove those scripts.

All happy for just a day. This morning I realised that the website welcome page in Firefox has been replaced by very unfriendly warning message telling me that **my** website is a malware and has to be blocked.

What a surprise! Firefox daring to override me and blocking the site without warning.

OK surely I say to myself, no panic, if I click on this button I can tell Firefox to let me alone juding about what I am doing.

I was wrong, the culprit behind this nightmare is no less than Google.

This is now becoming more interesting.

First I have to log in Google Webmaster tools (thanks I have a google account) then be told by Google in big red banner that my site has some malware and need to be verified.

To do this I am forced to install some crappy Google verification file or metatag in the root page of the site.

Now I have to wait after the good will of Google to *unblock* the different websites so that Firefox and Chrome users can have access.

According to their site, this could take a day!

Come on who do you think you are Google?

- I didn't sign any work contract with you.

- I didn't ask you to tell me how to do my job.

- How do you get the rights to police the web?

- How can you dare to force me installing some file or modify my site for you to be nosy?

- How can you put such a big huge red poster on the site without my consent?

- What the users of the site will think after viewing a banner like the one above?

- Why do you force me to have a Google account to fix this mess?

Of course the site is working perfectly well with Internet Explorer. On top of that they also blocked any subdomains.

This is really serious and I have no idea how to explian to my boss that I am now working also for Google.

I can understand that Google want to protect its servers and different assets, but they have absolutly no legal rights to block any websites.

What they should do is to raise an alert or something with different levels and be more discreet on thie message because this is really damaging for a business.

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