Mr Microsoft give me back Activesync for Windows Phone

Tags: Windows Phone 7

Last week I got myself a new Windows Phone 7, the HTC HD 7. It's really one of the best phone I had in years, and I really like what Microsoft has done with the OS.

However I read everywhere that people are monaing about the lack of Copy and Paste. for me this is a minor issue compare to a big HUGE mistake:

No direct synchronization with Outlook!! This is unbelievable, I can't get over this. The only way to link Outlook to your Windows Phone is to have Exchange Server, or using an Hotmail account, and an Outlook connector, doing some manual drag and drop of folders from one to another account.

Come on guys I know we are pushed everyday to use the cloud, but I say no thank you I don't need another bleeping email account like Hotmail.

What we need is simple link between Outlook Calendar and Contacts using Zune or something else. And the funny part is what Microsoft give us as an excuse to not providing Activesync. They say it was too buggy! Yes Microsoft say that. In my case it was working well with my Windows mobile 6.5 phone so this is pure rubbish.

I just hope that in the next update, I will have a simple grounded way to get my calendar on my phone!


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