ASP.NET Team Releases for Mix 2008

For all those interested in the information and the latest bits from the ASP.NET Team, here are the latest links.


ASP.NET Updates:
Jeffrey Palermo, the founder of MVCContrib and CodeCampServer has posted the changes from what he can gather here.  As noted, you must uninstall the old bits first before installing the new ones.

I've been playing with the bits for a little bit lately and I must admit it's a lot better now.  But, I'm noticing that it seems that the ASP.NET team wants us to use more of the Supervising Controller/Presenter Pattern and less of the Passive View PatternBrad Wilson also notes that here.  It hasn't dampened my usage of it yet as I have adapted my designs since then.  After all, you have to be a little flexible when using a CTP.

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