Axum, Reactive Framework and other items

A few weeks ago, the 2009 Lang.NET symposium was came and went and there were a few talks that caught my eye.  There were many great talks including those by some of the following luminaries:

In particular, the Axum (formerly Maestro) talk by Josh Phillips and the Reactive Framework talk by Erik Meijer and Wes Dyer were both ones to watch. 


As you may remember, I talked about the Axum DSL some time ago in regards to what it is.  Since that time, the team has announced an upcoming CTP for the product, and has been getting a lot of publicity through Mary Jo Foley and eWeek as well.  It’s been fun keeping up with that blog in such recent posts as “Empty/Full Storage”, “Flow Control” and so on.  I’m excited about the upcoming CTP and stay tuned to the Axum Team blog as well as here in which I hope to cover it a bit, as I have been playing with the current software and it holds a lot of promise.

Reactive Framework

The Reactive Framework is also another interesting piece to come out as well.  I’ve been following this piece for quite some time, having played with the bits for a few months.  I had the chance to catch up with Erik back in February, when we recorded the Channel9 episode together on Functional Programming.  Just what is the Reactive Framework anyways?  Well, just as we’ve had the IEnumerable/IEnumerator for the Iterator Pattern and IObservable/IObserver for the Observer Pattern for reactive programming.  The idea is to use the same programming model for both, using LINQ and the imperative iterators (foreach) that we’ve already been using.  I hope to dive deep into that in the near future as well.

Erik will also be presenting this talk at OSCON this year.  That’s one not to miss!

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