DC ALT.NET 3/25 – Introduction to TDD

The March meeting for DC ALT.NET will be on March 25th from 7-9PM EDT.  Check the our mailing list for continuing updates and future meetings.  This month we have Jonathan Cogley providing an introduction to Test Driven Development.  This session will walk through a real-world problem and how to identify and isolate the dependencies in the logic.  This is in the series of getting back to the basics series that I hope to mix in with our regular meetings.  This might also include Firestarter events, coding dojos and so on to help build the development community here in the Washington DC area.

Back To Basics and Software Craftsmanship

After a lot of discussions have been going on around the community around software craftsmanship.  For example, “How do we teach others?”, “Where do we get started?” and others along the way come up from time to time.  We have a tendency, especially in the fast paced environments such as the Microsoft community to emphasize the latest shiny technology and sometimes not as much on the fundamentals.  The intention of the larger Software Craftsmanship movement is aimed to getting back to some basic concepts of improving our craft and how we deliver customer value.  Through mentoring, apprenticeships and practice techniques, we can all improve.

I hope at this meeting we’ll discuss of how we want to get there.  Will you join us?

The Details

After the quick aside, here are the details for the DC ALT.NET meeting.

Date/Time: 3/25/2009 - 7-9PM EDT

Motley Fool
2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA, 22314

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