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  • More Cert stuff

    As a follow up to the previous post, I thought I'd jot down some thought on the subject of real world vs certs.  Perhaps I should reword that.  How about certs in addition to real world experience? 

  • MS Exams

    I received an e-mail today regarding the Microsoft Exams.  It seems they are moving back to the old format where they tell you what your score was, and even break down the exam so you know what to work on if you had some weak spots.  I for one welcome this new change.  Of course, you hear a lot of people in the training and certification industry harping on “if it's green, it's green.”  The theory behind that is the exams cover such a wide range of topics, that if you do know 75% of the concepts you are doing pretty darn good.  We rarely have someone score a 100% on an exam, and if they did we were pretty sure they were using study aids like brain dumps and other illegal study guides.  But it was also pretty nice to see those high scores on the ol' VB6 exams :-). 

  • Poor Design Choice of the Day

    What would possess someone to make a drop downlist to choose a time zone that looks like this:

  • Critical Updates are Ready to be Installed

    I'm pretty guilty when it comes to keeping on top of install “critical updates.”  Many times, the little ballon pops up when I'm actually doing something on my computer.  Reading an article, playing solitare or perhaps even doing work seems to be it's favorite time to pop up.  I've gotten pretty good at dismissing it.  Remind me in three days I tell it.  I'm not really scared of my PC being hosed by the updates, my concern is having to restart my computer.  If I'm at work, I'm probably in the middle of something, or getting ready to start something else.  No time for a reboot! 

  • PDC

    Ohmph.  I couldn't pull the trigger on going to the PDC.  My brain is definitely mad at me, it knows that going there would be a TREEEEmendous venture.  But as Garth would say “Live in the now, man.  You'll never afford it!”  Plane tickets plus hotel, plus cost of admission would pretty much wipe out my weak savings that I've been trying to build up.  All for what I really viewed as a geek vacation where I could get some cool toys.  Hopefully those toys will be available on MSDN or to MCTs shortly after the PDC, and looking at the list of PDC bloggers I know I'm in good hands when it comes to trusting others to make sure I can stay ahead of the curve.