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  • Funny places you see ASP.NET

    Even though ASP.NET has been out for quite some time, it still tickles me to see sites with an aspx extension.  I recently checked out one of my favorite bar's site, O'Shea's Irish Pub here in Louisville, and was surprised to see it was running ASP.NET on Windows 2003. 

  • Want to get rid of spyware? Install this ActiveX control when prompted!

    I'm sure you've seen the new Anti-Spyware tool from Microsoft, so I'll spare you the elevator pitch.

    What I want to know is what brainiac decided that to install the thing you might want to either install an ActiveX control, or download an EXE file an execute it to continue? Um, isn't this crap the reason 99.9999% spyware gets installed?  Shouldn't that type of behavior be discouraged?  I was hoping that when I clicked next I'd get a screen saying "YOU FOOL!  You could have just installed something that is reporting your bank password to some crazy guy in Canada!  Don't do that crap, and maybe you wouldn't need to install this tool, moron."  But no, it actually popped up a file for me to execute (I'm running Firefox, I assume it would be an ActiveX control for IE).  FANtastic. 

     Thankfully, you can skip that step and just download the thing.  The irony of this product just gets deeper and deeper.