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  • VSM arrives in "style"?

    The latest issue of Visual Studio Magazine arrived in a special envelope from the post office. A pre-printed message on the envelope apologized for the delay in getting the item to me. It had encountered some "problems" en route to me. I opened the enveloped and discovered a large chunk of the magazine missing:

  • VB.NET Shares a little too much

    A thread today on using the System.Diagnostics.Process class highlights one of the more confusing aspects of VB.NET (or VS.NET depending on how you want to look at it). Intelliense will list Shared (static in C#) members when showing members on an instance variable. Take the following sample code:

  • Do you "organize" your 'using' statements?

    More and more I find myself "grouping" my using statements ("Imports" in VB.NET). For example, I now try and do Microsoft framework namespaces first, then namespaces for DLL's developed at my employer and finally third party namespaces. Something like this:

  • Timing is everything

    I was doing some code reviews today. The particular project I was reviewing was doing COM-interop so one of the things I looked for was to make sure that any COM objects created were wrapped in a try/catch/finally block and those objects were properly released with Marshal.ReleaseComObject in the finally block.