.hgignore file for IntelliJ IDEA Development

Every time I start a new project in Visual Studio, I almost always put it under Mercurial source control – even a small demo project.  If the project becomes serious enough, I’ll create a private repository in Bitbucket and maintain it there.  After I initialize my Mercurial repository, the first thing I do is grab Nino’s .hgignore file for Visual Studio.  It’s a great time-saver.

I’ve been playing around with Android development a bit lately using JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 10.  Like my Visual Studio projects, I also create a local Mercurial repository for my Android code.  But since I’m new to Android development, there were a bunch of files (other than the source code I was writing!) and I didn’t know if these should be stored in my source code control system or not.

Luckily, JetBrains has a KB article on the subject: How to manage IDEA projects under Version Control Systems.  Using this info, I’ve created a stock .hgignore file I use for all of my Android projects.  Here’s the contents:


I hope this useful for you.  If you know of any changes I could make, let me know!

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