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  • What I've Been Doing Lately

    I haven't blogged in a long time, so I guess its time I provide some type of update.  First, I'm approaching my last day of work at my current employer and I'm still looking for my next gig to start on August 11.  I've had a couple of interviews, with another one later today, but most people haven't really wanted to talk until lately since they always want someone “immediately” and I had 60 days notice.  Hopefully now that I've got just 2 weeks left that will no longer be an issue, and so far I've been very picky and things still appear promising at this point.

  • Rapid Application Development with DeKlarit

    I just finished a review of DeKlarit and I must say that it is an excellent and unique RAD tool.  I'm a software architect that likes to get my hands dirty, but I will definitely be using it myself.  It can totally create a working web or windows application, from database to data-access layer to the user interface, which makes sense for small projects, or you can just use it as a data-access code-generator and do the rest yourself.  I must confess that I don't personally like using typed datasets that it creates, although many folks will love that, but I still plan to use it for rapid prototyping for complex projects.  I don't know of any other tool out there that comes even close to DeKlarit for designing business objects, including sophisticated business rules and relationships, without worrying about the database schema first.  The fact that it even builds optional web or windows applications, which look better than anything I can create, makes it even great for demonstrations of your application design to clients early in development.  Take a look at my review for more details and evaluate this product yourself if you ever need to design and/or build real business applications -- its definitely a tool worth having.