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  • More on UIMappers and WilsonORMapper

    First, I would like to thank Paul Welter for adding XmlComments and an NDoc-generated help file for the WilsonORMapper v2.2.1.0 -- which now supports filter and sortOrder for child relations.  Now, here's a few other thoughts about UI Mappers, especially in comparison with O/R Mappers:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 -- Missing in Action

    I've been busy enough that I haven't bothered with the huge downloads yet to get VS 2005 Beta 1 -- afterall I knew I would get it mailed to me soon enough.  Finally this morning the yellow DHL truck arrived with my little package, so I eagerly opened it up.  All I found inside was a piece of paper that said I would find the installation media enclosed, which I did not -- talk about vaporware.  I guess I'll have to find the time to download it now afterall.

  • UI Mappers: A Common Scenario

    The best way to understand what I mean by a UI Mapper is to look at a common scenario -- let's say you have to add a new business entity to your new or existing application.  What do you have to do to support this new entity?  Data, business logic, and UI screens.  If you use an O/R Mapper then you will only need to create your mappings for the data, otherwise you will need to create your sql or stored procs, and hook it all to your DAL.  As for business logic, some people "skip" this and use datasets, but lets get to the UI.

  • UI Mappers: An Introduction

    By now you know what an O/R Mapper is if you're reading my blog -- but what about a UI Mapper?  Maybe it would be more correct to call it an O/UI Mapper, for Object / User Interface Mapper, but since I'm the one making up the term (as far as I know) then I'll just call it a UI Mapper.

  • Rants against Whidbey and Community Leaders

    Well, I'm back from my vacation -- we had a great time at Discovery Cove with the dolphins, and much more.  Now I've got to figure out how to rectify my very low output, without making just wasteful posts.  I've been skimming over all the entries about Whidbey, since its mostly all old news to me.  I guess that's the downside of getting early sneak peaks, and I wrote my articles back in October for the PDC.