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  • Atlanta VS/SQL 2005 Launch Today -- And Still Working

    I'm sitting here in the Atlanta VS/SQL 2005 Launch event today -- pretty boring stuff -- even some friends I've talked to that don't have the exposure to it that I've had said the same thing.  Anyhow, my point of writing this post is to note that I'm actually sitting in the back of the room right now posting this after finishing some work for my client -- and there is no open wireless net!  That's right, I'm using my Treo 600 and PdaNet for Treo 600 so that I can use my Treo as a modem -- all pretty slick and not that slow either.  This was my client's idea so that I could always be connected, but its really my first time using it -- and I've been amazed at how many others walking by want to know how I got wireless access.  :)

    On an unrelated note, sorry its been so long since I've blogged -- I've been very busy with my main client, and I'm also working every spare minute I have to finish my next big project.  So look for something from me before the end of the year if all goes well -- I'll be working with custom providers for membership, roles, profiles, and sitemaps that use my database schema and my ORMapper.  I'm very excited and looking forward to the release, although I'm also still working full-time so its wearing me out -- but when its all done I'll be able to rest and blog about it all too.  My apologies for also not getting very timely to some of the emails and requests for help that I get -- I hope everyone understands we all get busy.