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  • ASP.NET Forums Really Suck in FireFox

    Has anyone else noticed (complained) about the current ASP.NET forums, ever since they upgraded their version of Community Server ?  I've basically stopped visiting them since they take so long to load in FireFox, even when coming back to a page in another tab that's already been loaded.  The next page links also seem to take 2 clicks for some reason (they don't in IE) -- and I don't know what else is broke since I just can't bring myself to visit them anymore.  Sure I could use IE, but I like FireFox and it is what I have up and running, and I've never seen any other site that responds so poorly like this.  I also can't say I really like the updated "look" all the much period, and even in IE its obviously slower than it ever used to be.

  • WilsonORMapper v4.2.1 Released -- Includes Sql2005 Row_Number Paging

    Update: WilsonORMapper v4.2.1.0 (1/24/2006) includes the following:    

    • Sql2005 Provider for Efficient Paging with Row_Number
    • More Lookup cases using Outer Join now Supported
    • ObjectQuery has SkipCounts option for Performance
    • Multiple optimizations with the help of Marc Brooks
    Marc Brooks also provided the following new features:
    • Auto keyType can be Composite with the last being Auto
    • DefaultNamespace can be defined in each mapping file
    • DateTime provider-specific min/max for db compatibility
    • Bug-Fix: Non-Lazy-Loaded Generic (v2.0) Collections
    • Bug-Fix: Transactions with specified IsolationLevel
    • Bug-Fix: Empty Byte Arrays work with nullValue="[]"
    • Bug-Fix: A few OPath fixes included by Jeff Lanning
    I would also like to say a great big THANK YOU to some other unnamed people that just go out of their way to help me, whether it be a simple but personal note of appreciation, an extra monetary donation, or help with extending the code and testing things -- you know who you are.  I would also like to say THANK YOU to my current client for allowing me to work on some of my own projects at times, and for right now being so very understanding and appreciative of the many extra hours I've put in that have really added up here lately.