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  • Atlanta .NET User's Group on March 27 with Greg Young on AOP

    Greg Young is going to be giving a fascinating presentation on AOP at the Atlanta .NET User's Group on March 27.  I'm going to try to make this one since (1) Greg is a great speaker, (2) AOP is really cool (like O/RM), (3) Greg's writing a book on AOP, (4) Greg contributes actively to several open-source projects related to AOP, and (5) Greg's presentation description sounds enlightening.  Do you really need any more reasons?

  • Presentation and Code from my Intro to O/R Mapping Talk

    Thanks to the Atlanta C# User Group for allowing me to present last night.  I'm a terrible speaker, in spite of years of teaching practice (former math professor and grad student before that), so I'm content if people learn something even if they aren't impressed by my speaking skills (or lack thereof) -- and it sounds like I did accomplish that goal from the feedback I've gotten.  Getting up in front of a user group like this one is a lot more awkward than teaching math though, since I knew I knew far more math than my students ever would, but I'm sure of just the opposite here -- the room was definitely full of very smart people that know what they are doing.  Anyhow, feel free to download my presentation and code from -- the key to me is to compare the code and procs in the Standard project with the lack of similar code in the ORMapper project, which is far more important than the slides.

  • Speaking at the Atlanta C# User's Group on March 6

    This month, Paul Wilson will be presenting an Introduction to O/R Mapping. He will cover the concepts and rationale behind O/R Mapping, as well as showing a few examples of the technique in action. Paul is a subject matter expert on this topic - his own product ( is one of the more popular .NET O/R Mapper tools on the market today. Paul is also donating a full one-year subscription to Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with MSDN Premium to one lucky raffle winner (a $10,939  value)!

    For more information on this month's meeting, please visit our website at: