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  • Is .NET v3.0 (aka WinFX) going to be Synced with C# 3.0 (aka LINQ) ?

    I think it makes great sense to rename WinFX to .NET v3.0, but I haven't seen any mention as to whether or not this implies any type of sync with C# 3.0 and LINQ, let alone DLINQ and ADO.NET v3.0 Entity stuff -- anyone have anything they can share?  It seems like it would be really weird to have .NET v3.0 come out a lot sooner than C# 3.0 and ADO.NET v3.0, and I don't think those are going to be released earlier, so does this mean that part of this renaming entails a delay in WinFX, or should we expect the other things to later be renamed to 3.x or even 4.0?  Sorry if it seems I'm ignoring VB, but since its not labelled 3.0 to begin with its not really a problem with this other renaming if it ships later or not.