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  • SQL/.NET Job with my Client in the VA/DC Area

    My client has too much work for me to do as they've grown, so we need to bring on someone else to help us out.  First and foremost, we need someone very good with MS Sql Server and T-Sql, including procs, dts, jobs, and more.  Most of the work can be done remotely, but we also need someone that can help with network/database maintenance.  That is not the main responsibility, but it does mean we need someone reasonably close to my client's location, so we need someone that is relatively near the Virginia burbs of Washington DC, or at least willing to relocate.  It would also be great if this person was able to work with me on our .NET development, even using my ORMapper.  If this describes you, and you're interested, then please send your resume to me at  This is a great client to work with, but they're also very busy, so we're only looking for someone very good.