Note to Self: MySpace runs ASP.NET

I've heard this before, but I'd long since forgotten: MySpace runs ASP.NET.  Its easy to miss this since it looks like they are running coldfusion, but the cfm's are in most cases remnants of their older system and are now mapped to ASP.NET.


  • So what if MYSpace runs on Asp.Net

  • One other nice-to-know: They're actually developing with Visual Studio Team System on top of Team Foundation Server. Not a big deal, but when you consider their all-up continuous integration solution, it definitely speaks to the power and capability of the VSTS/TFS combo.

  • MySpace runs on BlueDragon.

    BlueDragon is a ColdFusion Server for .NET.

    What makes you say the *.cfm templates "are now mapped to ASP.NET"?

  • They certainly use do use BlueDragon also in some parts, but those are getting fewer. Here's the non-NDA "proof" for those that don't believe it: As for "so what", well there are a lot of poorly informed people that think IIS and ASP.NET and MS SQL due not scale, and this is another real-life example that they do.

  • oops, hit enter. What I meant to say is - MySpace is often slow to respond and I get lots of "sorry, we couldn't process your requests." One hopes it isn't b/c of ASP.NET and IIS.

    I heard this news a long time ago that MySpace was switching to ASP.NET and thought "cool" b/c that is what I develop with but then I started noticing a gradual degredation in performance since the news and I couldn't help but have bad thoughts...

  • Certainly MySpace isn't perfect (I've already said in a previous post that I don't like their site), but follow the link on ScottGu's blog to get more background. For instance, while they may be too slow at times for sure, I believe its safe to say based on ScottGu's blog (and from what I saw myself) that they are running far "better" on IIS and ASP.NET than their previous platform. On the other hand, it could still be far better, but they are also still very limited in that they are kind of stuck with an existing site for the most part and therefore cannot start from scratch and take advantage of a lot of ASP.NET features. So in summary, I'm not trying to say MySpace is a great example of a well-architected site, but I am saying that given what they are stuck with they are doing "better" with IIS and ASP.NET and make a solid case that they do scale.

  • MySpace has also been growing like mad, so they are dealing with a platform change, and trying to scale out. just migrated from coldfusion to, and picked up some perf gains. my feeling is that the perf gains were more to do with better cleaner code, than the platform.

  • It's always interesting to hear what technologies high profile sites use. But, all the proof I need that ASP.NET can scale is that the Microsoft, MSDN and Dell websites use ASP.NET.

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