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I'm not sure how many of my readers being on twitter. If you have no idea what it is, go to, create your account there and start post what are you doing. I am a big fan of twitter. Normally I post and read it on the web, until I found this cool WPF client called wittytwitter. I'm a windows guy, so this probably a good thing for me since it only supported Windows XP and Vista. The best things is, it was released under open source's New BSD License. Try to be platform agnostic, dear reader, whether you are a Mac guy, Linux guy, or just a Web advocate, check their project website hosted on If you're a developer and trying very hard day and night, sacrificed your valuable time for years but still thinking that you're a noob, let's try to follow Scott's advice on reading code to be a better developer. Get your subversion client running on your machine and check out the code.


There are also a user group you can follow if you're having trouble using it or have a questions and suggestions about the tools and techniques they're using in development. The code is pretty neat and clean, seriously. They've wrote a test project with NUnit library within the same solution. This may motivate developer to write unit test instead of creating the test project in different solution. Currently, there's only a basic unit test being implemented, no mock object yet, but it is a good start for the project and if you want to know how people write a unit test. I guess soon they will put SpecUnit implementation as well. (I don't know what the heck is this either. From the project description it mention that 'Library supporting BDD-style use of xUnit testing frameworks in .NET' and the project owner is Scott Bellware). My bad, actually they have already used SpecUnit. It seems like the development progress of SpecUnit is pretty slow. I'm not sure if this a correct choice. But at least there's an effort of BDD here.

Why do I care of my twitter? It's one of the best things on the web right now where you can find undocumented information instantly. If you know some good people twittering frequently and want to know their thoughts on their special interest, try to follow them. Here's my favorite list:

What's your favorite people on twitter to follow? Any good twitter client out there for any platform? What's your favorite?

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