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by: Mike Roberts


Hi ccnet-devel,

Just thought some of you might be interested in knowing that both the Server and Dashboard now work in Mono! Graham Tackley did all the hard work in getting the server working, and there were just a couple of small changes to get the Dashboard working too (mostly around switching to a forked NVelocity DLL from the Castle project.)

I've run it successfully both with Mono on Mac (using Darwin Ports) and Mono on Ubuntu (using the standard Ubuntu packages). For the Dashboard, I've had it running using XSP, but haven't tried using mod mono yet.

Please note that it still needs some testing, and I'd definitely welcome any feedback (positive or negative) from anyone who tries it out. As of right now, the dashboard.config file needs to be changed to reference xsl files using '/' 's rather than '\' 's, but I'm hoping to change some of this stuff over the next couple of weeks anyway. Also, the Dashboard doesn't work in a 'root' context yet so if you use XSP then use something like '--applications /ccnet:.' when running XSP in the Dashboard directory.

Cheers, and here's to open source! :)


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