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  • New Security Bulletins - In case you missed them.

    Tags: Security

    MS03-018 : Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Service (811114) MS03-019 : Flaw in ISAPI extension for Windows Media Services could cause denial of service (817772) More: … more

  • Got Spam? Need a Solution? SpamBayes!

    Tags: Recommendations

    Ive been using the outlook plugin version of this for a few weeks now.  If you hate spam as much as I do, and want a decent solution, get it.  Its very reliable and you dont have to go through some … more

  • The Matrix...

    Tags: Rants, Recommendations, Tech Geek

    This is just one of those things that every tech geek must post about.  From what Ive read most of us actually enjoyed the show.  As long as you go into the show only expecting pretty … more

  • INETA Invite..

    Tags: Tech Geek

    I got an invitation sent my way also.  I got most of the requirements met but may fall a bit short of the ole "Fame" requirement.  Thats ok im sure we can work on that.  Maybe ill … more


    I have recently been invited to become a member of the new MS ASP.NET community site Its nice to see that MS is finally taking this in their own hands. more

  • Welcome...

    Welcome to the Palm Blog, Written by Robert Chartier ( more

  • First post from my pda

    Tags: Tech Geek

    Version 0.1 of my palm blog app is almost done. ll post a download once its complete. It uses a custom app and com conduit with c#. Write and edit entries on your pda and upload during synch.if … more