Getting DotNetNuke to render correctly in IE9

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As we all download the Beta of IE9 we are faced with the challenge of many sites having breaking changes to the UI.  This becomes more apparent when you have rich functionality provided by vendors such as Telerik, the FCK Editor, or whatever you have chosen internally.

For example, here is a screen shot of DotNetNuke, using our default skin, breaking under IE9 when using the default “IE9 Standards” mode.




What you see above is the Telerik Editor Provider when editing content using the Text/HTML module.  In order to correct the above issue, you must switch IE9 to use a more compatible mode. 

If you bring up the IE9 Developer tools, which are standard now as part of the browser installation, by hitting the F12 key.

You will see the tool shown at the bottom of the browser:





Notice the “Browser Mode: IE9” and the “Document Mode: IE9 standards”.  You only need to change the “Document Mode:” drop down to “IE8 Standards”:




You page will refresh with the new Document Mode, and it should now properly be showing the right UI.



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