Terminals is slowly gaining ground

Tags: .NET, C#, RDP, Terminal Services, Windows Forms

With the 1.7b release of Terminals which supports Vista and 2008 (/admin v.s. /console switch) I have noticed a spike in activity.   Here are some stats:



Terminals is in 14th overall (using site search)

202 downloads per day, last 30 days

115 downloads per day, project lifetime


Page Views: Terminals is in 16th overall (using site search)

                505,362 views, project lifetime

                3 page views per visit, project lifetime

                45,115 views, last 30 days

                2 views per visit, last 30 days




Issue Tracker:

                15 open Issues (3 proposed)

                35 Open Feature Requests

The two largest Feature Requests are improvements with the way in which I manage Credentials and deeper support for Vista/2008 (Gateway specifically). 

The big pain point for me is the Toolbars.  The Microsoft provided toolbars for .NET Windows Forms really lack in the ability to resize, move around, toggle visibility, saving/loading, staying put, etc..  You just can’t get a production quality product with the default set of controls.  I went with a 3rd party set of controls (from CodeProject) which have its own issues –mostly just around graceful resizing and staying put.  (maybe some company can donate their controls?)

Other, smaller pain points for me is the VNC and SSH/Telnet controls.  The best of breed (free) controls are all “good starts” and seem to have no effort devoted to them as of late.  I guess this is probably one of the biggest issues with Open Source / Free software.  (maybe some company can donate their controls?)



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