Firefox Extension Development

I've been working on my job skills to remain employable. A lot of people are losing their jobs and then getting depressed because they have nothing to do except look for a job. They should be spending their time more constructively. I don't have much to do at work so yesterday I worked through a tutorial on Firefox Extension Development. I use Firefox all day at work and home because its extensions are useful for web development. It will be cool to create my own custom extensions. Today I experimented with the localization aspect of a Firefox extension. There are several things that were left out of the tutorial.

  1. You need to install language packs to change the language that Firefox uses in its application interface. HTML clipboard
  2. You need to HTML clipboardassign a user-interface language to a profile. There is a Locale-Switcher extension to make it easier.
  3. Your Language Document Template Definition (DTD) files cannot contain accent marks. You have to use HTML entities like é to ensure valid XML.
  4. All of your XUL files need to reference the DTD.
  5. You need to add a line in your chrome.manifest file for the locales.
I'm currently studying German because I plan to visit Berlin next year for my vacation. Changing Firefox to German will help me to learn the language. I've become very interested in learning how various programs and application frameworks handle localization to support multiple languages.

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