Simplicity, complexity, sophistication and the XML Banyan tree


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Roy mentioned Udi's weblog (The Software Simplist) and I read Udi's weblog postings - this guy has wisdom and that is a rarity these days. I worked with a team lead once - the *application "complexity" got bogged down in the "sophistication" of CSS & XSLT sheets festered in an XML tree that was so convoluted it resembled a Banyan tree (a tree that has roots growing out of its branches)... Too close to the tree to see the forest! "People misinterpret complexity as sophistication" is eternally true.

*The simpler application solution would be using a database and then extracting simpler XML trees for use with stylesheets, etc. but this is not a "sophisticated" solution. The more "sophisticated" way is using a convoluted XML tree as a relational database. :-)