Thom Robbins - onwards and upwards to Redmond WA


Wow! I just read in Julia's blog posting that Thom Robbins is moving to Redmond WA  for his new post as Director of .NET Platform Marketing! I know no other person who deserves more - congratulations Thom!

Thom is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist extraordinaire - he was very instrumental in getting our .NET Developers Group in Connecticut off to a flying start (along with Carl). (Thom was mentioned in my DotNet Rocks podcast interview back in Oct '05). Thom has been most supportive to the New England .NET developer community by being a supreme host for the MSDN Code Camps over the past years.

Back in June 2003 - I had posted this in my old Radio weblog -

There are a few articles about MS InfoPath 2003 - MSDN has two and Thom Robbins (MS Consulting Services) just published one in the XML Journal (June '03 issue). I have seen Thom speak at several local Microsoft events - this chap, knows in great detail, just about every Microsoft product out there!