size matters - "Java succumbing to .NET in my organization"

I picked up this trail from Fabrice's posting that pointed to this article in One cannot ascertain what is the size of the company that the writer (Neil Chaudhuri) belongs to. Size matters - larger companies (Fortune 500 onwards) that have hundreds (& perhaps thousands) of developers can afford the luxury of choices (as described in the article). What is interesting is that smaller companies (say less than 80 developers - I mean developers and not including thescaffolding crew of analysts, tech writers, DBAs, etc) can do better if they pick one development environment, be it Java or .NET or the Mac! A choice not easily made but is paramount that it be done. For a productive development environment, like good wine, takes time to mature. Quite a few smaller companies make the mistake of having a 'heterogenous' environment - spattering of Java with sprays of .NET (that too with constraints - ok with VB.NET but C# is verboten). The key here is to pick a development environment with its portfolio of tools & libraries and let it grow along with the developers!