.NET Framework Tools

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SDK Command Prompt
Assembly Linker (Al.exe)
ASP.NET Compilation Tool (Aspnet_compiler.exe)
ASP.NET Browser Registration Tool (Aspnet_regbrowsers.exe)
ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool (Aspnet_regiis.exe)
ASP.NET SQL Server Registration Tool (Aspnet_regsql.exe)
Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (Aximp.exe)
Code Access Security Policy Tool (Caspol.exe)
Software Publisher Certificate Test Tool (Cert2spc.exe)
Certificate Manager Tool (Certmgr.exe)
Certificate Verification Tool (Chktrust.exe)
Runtime Debugger (Cordbg.exe)
CorFlags Conversion Tool (CorFlags.exe)
CLR Debugger (DbgCLR.exe)
Web Services Discovery Tool (Disco.exe)
Assembly Binding Log Viewer (Fuslogvw.exe)
Global Assembly Cache Tool (Gacutil.exe)
MSIL Assembler (Ilasm.exe)
MSIL Disassembler (Ildasm.exe)
Installer Tool (Installutil.exe)
License Compiler (Lc.exe)
Manifest Generation and Editing Tool (Mage.exe)
Manifest Generation and Editing Tool, Graphical Client (MageUI.exe)
Certificate Creation Tool (Makecert.exe)
.NET SDK Command-Line Debugger (MDbg.exe)
Management Strongly Typed Class Generator (Mgmtclassgen.exe)
Policy Migration Tool (Migpol.exe)
.NET Framework Configuration Tool (Mscorcfg.msc)
Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)
Permission Calculator Tool (Permcalc.exe)
Permissions View Tool (Permview.exe)
PEVerify Tool (Peverify.exe)
Assembly Registration Tool (Regasm.exe)
.NET Services Installation Tool (Regsvcs.exe)
Resource File Generator (Resgen.exe)
Secutil Tool (Secutil.exe)
Set Registry Tool (Setreg.exe)
XML Serializer Generator Tool (Sgen.exe)
Assembly Cache Viewer (Shfusion.dll)
File Signing Tool (Signcode.exe)
Sign Tool (SignTool.exe)
Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe)
Soapsuds Tool (Soapsuds.exe)
Isolated Storage Tool (Storeadm.exe)
Type Library Exporter (Tlbexp.exe)
Type Library Importer (Tlbimp.exe)
Windows Forms Class Viewer (Wincv.exe)
Windows Forms Resource Editor (Winres.exe)
Web Services Description Language Tool (Wsdl.exe)
XML Schema Definition Tool (Xsd.exe)

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