Policy based authorization in ASP.NET Core

In my previous article, I explained about restricting users based on the IP Address.  It was implemented by using a whitelist of IP Address and middleware.  The solution helps authorize users on application level.  I also mentioned that, I will write another article to explain about restricting users on a controller level or action level.  Policy based authorization is a new feature introduced in Dotnet Core that allows you to implement the application authorization rules in code.  In this post, I will explain about Policy based authorization in ASP.NET Core with an implementation example.


While authentication is to validate a user, authorization is to grant access to a resource of the application.  We all heard about role-based authorization, which provides access to the resources based on the role user has.  Policy based authorization, a new feature in Dotnet core allows you to implement loosely coupled security model.  This helps to decouple the authorization logic from controllers.

Please check the following link for more details.  


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