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  • C# 3.0 + R# = Great Tests Readability

    C# 3.0 has introduced lots of great features to make our life easier and syntax sweeter. Lots of people talked about it already, and I am not scooping here anything new. What I do want to demonstrate, is how to make the code easier to understand.

  • Test Helpers and Fluent Interfaces

    Today was a great day. One of the things we do with the team is experiment how we write our test. Experimenting seems the most effective way of figuring out what should be our testing approach. At this point we are mostly doing specification driven tests (unit tests).

  • Depend Upon Abstractions - reiteration.

    I was reading through the book when combined several subjects together, such as "help tests" and "error handling", and realized that the core "Depend upon abstraction.  Do not depend upon concretions." principle is underused by myself.

  • NUnit vs. MbUnit

    It's not a secret that I prefer certain tools/frameworks/applications over other ones. So is true with unit testing framework. My currently preferred one is MbUnit. My team was using NUnit so far, and honestly I respected the choice and didn't mind that much. Until this week.

  • VisualSVN - Issue

    I have posted a question at VisualSVN user group in regards to reverting delete operation on an item in a project. The workaround is very much manual, and feels wrong. At this point I was either able to revert the change for the deleted file only and manually add it to the project, or revert both deleted file and modified project file, and manually remove the references to the files that are reported as 'missing'.