Azure Messaging Crossroads - Techorama NL edition

This week had an opportunity to present at the great Techorama conference. This year it was hosted in the Netherlands, executed by Dutch and Belgian teams. For a first time conference, I was amazed how well it was set up, the flawlessness, the speaker line, and the excitement they have managed to build around the event for both speakers and attendees. Not to mention the venue that was perfectly suited for the event, spacious, and filled with natural light while being there for two days.

The range of talks was impressive. Have to admit for a second I was worried for the success of the two talks so closely related to each other I was supposed to deliver: Azure Messaging Crossroads and Azure Service Bus Deep Dive. It turned out quite well. The first, very high-level talk, was accepted well and there was genuine interest in the subject. Messaging and Azure messaging offers, in particular, are picking up. Thanks to Serverless and the general Azure adoption. Fascinated how the domain will be evolving over the next 6-12 months with EventGrid maturing, expanding its offerings. With Azure Service Bus strengthening its identity as an Enterprise Messaging service. And the rest of the Azure messaging services enhance their capabilities.

Sharing some highlights from one of the sessions (Azure Messaging Crossroads) in a blog post for anyone interested in the subject.

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