Demo app and eBook for Windows Azure Mobile Services for iOS Clients

Mobile Cloud and Windows Azure Mobile Services

The key advantage of the Cloud computing is the salability power and the business agility where you don't have to worry about your infrastructure and you can focus on your apps which can easily scale up and scale down the number of compute resources based on your scalability needs. It would be great if we could use the power and agility of Cloud computing to Mobile apps which can also be a solution to the lack of local resources in Mobile devices. The Mobile Cloud Computing is emerging as one of the most important extension of cloud computing, where both the data storage and the data processing will be happen in Cloud infrastructure instead of the mobile devices and on-premises servers.

Microsoft Windows Azure extends their Cloud computing offerings to Mobile devices which let you to build powerful Mobile apps that can utilize the power and scalability of Cloud computing. Windows Azure Mobile Services provides structured storage, user authentication and push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. You can use Windows Azure Mobile Services as the backend infrastructure for your mobile apps where you can enjoy the all power of Cloud computing to your Mobile apps which can easily scale up when users of the apps are increasing.

Demo app and eBook for Windows Azure Mobile Services for iOS Clients

In my organization Marlabs, our Windows Azure team has been working on few sample apps for Windows Azure Mobile Services. You can download an initial drop of a sample Windows Azure Mobile Services app for iOS Clients, which including a eBook, which demonstrates how to leverage Windows Azure Mobile Services for the sample iOS app. 

You can download the sample app and eBook from 



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