Ode To Surface II

Below is the entry my wife submitted for the Ultimate Surface Fan Contest (I helped her write it).   Even if it was not chosen to win I though it was pretty good, so I decided to share it. My wife is hoping it wins so she gets my Surface II.  That's what is called a win/win for everyone.

For My Husband: Ode To Surface II

Your Haswell Chip Is Like A Work Horse, Giving Me Power To Work ALL Day.

Your Screen Is As Clear As Diamonds, Making It Easy on My Eyes.

Your Backlit Keys Are Like Stars On A Dark Night, Guiding My Way.

Your Power Keyboard Is Like A Five Hour Energy Drink, Giving Me The Extra Energy To Get Through A Long Day.

Your Stylus Is Like An Electric Pen, Allowing Me To Write And Draw As I Would On Paper.

Your Docking Stations Is Like A Cornerstone, Giving Me A Base When I Need It But Still Allowing Me To Be Mobile.

Your ARC Mouse Is Like A Custom Made Tool, It Just Fits Naturally In My Hand.

You Are Like A Role Model, Setting The Bar For What All Win8 Hybrid Devices Should Be.

You Are The Ultimate Win8 Tablet.


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