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  • Multistep webform submission

    Here is my requirement.

    I need to collect lots of data from the user for our intranet application and store them in DB only if they provide all the required information. I am planning to use wizard kind of UI where the user has to navigate through each step and enter all the required information and Submit will happen in the last step. I am planning to use Usercontrols in panels in one aspx page for each step to collect inputs.

    Now the question is how do you persist previous step(usercontrols) data til your reach final step for submission.

    1) Session is one option if the size of data is small but in this case, it can be huge
    2) Viewstate is another option but again I am doubtful whether it will persist the data when it is not posted back - that is I will show only one user control at any point of time and hide all the other user controls and so other controls will not be posted back. Otherwise I need to keep track of all the "value entered" usercontrols and keep posting back each one whenever I move to another step!!

    Any other options?


  • Exception handling in WinForms

    My current project involves Windows Forms and all my previous experience involves WebForms. One thing I am wondering on Windows Forms is, why don't we have very broad error handling options in Windows Forms as WebForms. For example, we can trap error in ASP.NET in hierarchical way.

  • Make money on Gmail account

    Ever since I blog about my Gmail account, I am getting lots of emails about how to create Gmail account. According to CNET, many beta testers are bidding their Gmail account in Ebay to make quick buck. Some of the bids are as high as US$199!!