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  • Customizing a Sharepoint 2010 Search Center

    Almost all Sharepoint sites make use of Sharepoint Search Capabilities. Sharepoint also provides OOB site templates for setting up search centers. Today I would like to show how we customized the OOB Basic Search Center site to meet the overall site’s L&F and the customer’s needs. All the customization is done programmatically in a feature event receiver so it can be automatically applied when deploying to the different environments.

  • Where is my Sharepoint 2010 Custom Timer Job running?

    When building a custom timer job for Sharepoint 2010, special attention should be put on where do we need this job to run. When we have a farm environment, we can choose to run the job on all servers, in one particular server, only the front end servers, etc. Depending on our requirements the timer job implementation and installation approach will change, so we should decide where we want it to run at the first place.

  • Azure Flavor for the Sharepoint Media Component

    Some time ago I wrote about a Media Processing Component for Sharepoint that I was working on. It is a Media Assets list for Sharepoint that lets you choose where to store the blob files. It provides also intelligence for encoding videos, generating thumbnail and poster images, obtaining media metadata, etc. On that first post the component was explained in detail, with the original 3 storage flavors: Sharepoint list, Virtual Directoy or FTP. The storage manager is extensible, so a new flavor was added later that enabled to store the media files on the cloud, in particular to AmazonS3. Today I’m going to talk about a new cloud flavor based on Azure Blob Storage.

  • Sharepoint Guidance Logger: usage, setup and extension

    Log records are essential to any application for troubleshooting problems. When beginning a new Sharepoint project, one of the first needs is to have a core logging component that can be used throughout the application code. In this post I will talk about the logging solution that we are using (based on the Patterns & Practices Sharepoint Logger), how to set it up, configure and read logs.

  • Sharepoint Expiration Policy not working

    I have a Sharepoint 2010 list with a custom content type with an associated retention policy. The policy consists of a custom formula and then the Send to Recycle Bin action. However, I realized that the items were not being deleted. I verified the list settings and the retention policy was configured:

  • Media from Sharepoint to the Cloud

    On my last post I talked about a media processing component developed for Sharepoint 2010. Besides the processing features (video encoding, thumbnail generation, validations, etc…) there was an asset storage manager that enabled us to store the files on a configurable place, inside or outside Sharepoint. I said we initially started with three storage flavors: a Sharepoint library, an FTP server or a shared folder/virtual directory.

  • Sharepoint @ Buenos Aires Codecamp 2011

    BA Codecamp 2011 is coming soon and Tellago is going to be part of it! More than 10 architects from our team will be presenting the most innovative technology sessions on next October 15. I’m very happy to be speaking at this event! Along with my colleague Mariano Escurra, we will be presenting Best Practices using Javascript and JQuery in Sharepoint 2010. Bellow is the abstract. Register!!