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  • So I Created Another Utils Library

    Thought it was time I start my own Utils library (why not everyone else seems to have one), I have things like a UnitOfWork implementation, base Repository class, and plan to add more things as I go.

    This is still a work in progress and I would appreciate any feedback out there, in the meantime I will continue my work on it.

    You can find the project on GitHub @


  • In Memory SQLite + Unit Test + FluentNHibernate


    I have forked fluent NH here:, and added a change so we can just use:


    By default the InMemory() helper will now add the pooling support, I sent a push request, so hopefully this hits trunk. Not sure if I was being silly but I do not see a need where you would not pool in memory SQLite anyway.


    Just playing around with FNH for the first time, getting my unit tests running proved to be a pain, did a Google and had no luck finding a solution to my problem.

    A quick play using the fluent config I found a way to get it working, my full session factory setup is below:

    public ISessionFactory GetSessionFactory() { return Fluently.Configure() .Database(SQLiteConfiguration.Standard.InMemory() .ConnectionString("Data Source=:memory:;Version=3;New=True;Pooling=True;Max Pool Size=1;")) .Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssembly(typeof(CustomerRepository).Assembly)) .ExposeConfiguration(config => new SchemaExport(config).Create(true, true)) .BuildSessionFactory(); }

    The key was to set the Pooling=True;Max PoolSize=1; in my config, looking at fluent NH the .InMemory() shortcut seems to not set these:

    public SQLiteConfiguration InMemory() { Raw("connection.release_mode", "on_close"); return ConnectionString(c => c .Is("Data Source=:memory:;Version=3;New=True;")); }

    Guess it would be great if it did, but for the time being I will just do it manually.


  • NHibernate Session Management using FluentNhibernate and Castle Windsor

    Time for my first post in a while, thought I would post on session management using Castle Windsor.

    I found this good post, and I have basically converted it to use Castle for IoC instead.

    The Windsor config that will work is below:

    var container = new WindsorContainer();
    container.AddFacility(); // This adds support to be able to use the UsingFactoryMethod.

    container.Register(Component.For().UsingFactoryMethod(x => x.Resolve() .GetSessionFactory() .OpenSession()).LifeStyle.PerWebRequest);

    The only other addition that is needed for Windsor is to add the PerWebRequest module to your Web.config file in the httpModules section:

    <add name="PerRequestLifestyle" type="Castle.MicroKernel.Lifestyle.PerWebRequestLifestyleModule, Castle.MicroKernel" />

    And you are done, nice and simple NHibernate Session management using a Windsor container.

    Cheers Stefan