Mammoth VPS launches Backups, DNS Management and more!!!

Yesterday we launched a bunch of new features over at MammothVPS,

- All VPS' now have an on-site, off-server backup facility available to them. By default all customers will have 1 free weekly backup made available to them, and should you wish to you can purchase more slots which are available in daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

- DNS hosting has been made available and will be free for all customers. You can find the new interface in your mPanel.

- A cleanup of the menu system has been done to make it easier to navigate around both the site and mPanel.

- You will find new sections on site, we now have more information about our services and have included things like a Knowledge Base, which will provide information on howto setup various applications on your VPS.

- Added the ability to change the kernel your VPS is running on.

So head on over to MammothVPS and check it out.

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