New ASP.NET MVC Videos and Tutorials

15 new ASP.NET MVC videos were just published at the website. The first 10 videos are basic tutorials on the ASP.NET MVC framework. If you haven’t had a chance to play with ASP.NET MVC yet, these tutorials are a great introduction.

The second set of 5 videos is part of an ongoing video series: ASP.NET MVC Pair Programming. In these videos, I pair with a prominent community expert to build an entire ASP.NET MVC application from start to finish (because of time constraints – a very, very simple application). The goal is to emphasize the process of building a web application instead of the product.

Because ASP.NET MVC is such a great framework for doing Test-Driven Development, in the first set of these videos, I pair with Charlie Poole – Mr. Test-Driven Development himself. Charlie Poole is the primary developer behind NUnit ( which is the most popular unit testing framework for the .NET framework. In this first set of Pair Programming videos, we build a Blog application using good test-driven development practices.

Let me know what you think of the videos. How can I help you learn MVC? I want your feedback on what topics you want covered in future videos.


  • I did a quick run through them. Really nice job!

    One question though? What's with the water sound in the background ?

    Is it to set the mood? Or am I hearing wrong :-/

  • This is great. I think the community needs more "real-life" examples of the actual development process. The plumbing of MVC can be studied and applied from books and blogs, but its hard to capture t he process in those.

    For a lot of folks, TDD is a new concept and its hard to get started - especially when it comes to writing that first test, refactoring etc. Keep it up!

  • @lazar - Yes, it does sound like water (or possibly an alien spacecraft landing)

  • Good to see Charlie in there! Thanks for all the work.

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