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Howdy! And welcome to the Code Campground. Many of you may already be readers of my Telerik focused blog, TelerikWatch.com, and if so, extra thanks and welcome to you. For everyone else, my name is Todd Anglin and I'm a Telerik Technical Evangelist and very active member of the .NET community. I have been a passionate ASP developer for years (back to the days of classic ASP) and a huge proponent of .NET since its introduction. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to blog on the official ASP.NET blogs and I am committed to making this a valuable feed to add to your readers.

What is the Code Campground blog all about? Primarily this blog will bring you original content and commentary on all things .NET- from ASP.NET to Silverlight. There will be full code samples, how-to articles, and commentary on the latest .NET news from Microsoft. This will not be just another "link blog" that continually points you to someone else's work. What you find here (for the most part) will not be anywhere else on the web.

Why "Code Campground"? If you have ever been camping, then you know the experience is usually simultaneously relaxing and engaging. As you relax and enjoy the great outdoors (something programmers should definitely do from time to time), tasks that would typically be considered work (like cooking, making a fire, etc.) suddenly become fun. And that's exactly how programming with .NET should be. When you code with .NET, the "work" should be fun- a laughable concept for most other programming languages. If you're not having fun coding with .NET, subscribe to this blog and let me share tips and tricks with you that are bound to make your life easier and make your coding fun again.

With the introductions out of the way, this blog will now assume its regular role. I hope you enjoy this new .NET resource and share your feedback once the content starts to flow. Since I maintain a couple of other blogs, don't expect extremely frequent posting here. I'll shoot for at least 5 - 6 posts a month, but they'll be good, original, content-full posts. Welcome to Camp!

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  • Looking forward to reading your blog!

    Btw, do you know when a public fix to AJAX regarding the problems with standard ASP.NET validators(they do not work) will be published?

    It's seems strange to me, that a official fix has not been released - long time ago.

    I prefer NOT to use the current "secret" fix, as it seems "risky" to me.

    Good luck with your new blog.

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