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  • Infragistics At TechEd for Developers 2008 North America

    That seems like a long title, but now that TechEd is cut in two, I wanted to be sure we were all on the same page.  If you're going to be in Orlando next week, you'll likely run into some Infragistics shirts while you're there.  We've got quite a few people heading out there.  Here are some ways you can meet up with me/us

  • Infragistics Wins Codie for Best Developer Tools!

    Last year Infragistics won a Jolt award for Libraries Frameworks and Components, and that was a new level of achievement for us.  This year, I'm excited to announce that we've won a Codie as well for Best Software Development Solution.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy about any award we win, but there's something to be said for privately judged awards.  Not that I don't enjoy campaigning every year for the 'popular vote' awards, but I tend to find that the results rarely resemble real life.  Or maybe they do resemble real life ala the amount of free time some folks have to vote for themselves :)  Either way, I think this is really cool, and another milestone achievement for Infragistics. 

  • Infragistics NetAdvantage and Dynamic Data

    For those of you who keep a close watch on the off cycle ASP.NET projects that Microsoft has been working on, you're probably already familiar with Dynamic Data.  Well, today Dynamic Data just went from a cool beta, to a real product.  As Scott Gu mentions in his blog, Dynamic Data is being included in VS2008 SP1 (the beta is now available to download!)